Movings things in one trip at a time. Well, I mean… 


But it shouldn’t be where you can trip over it…

I was just in the way not the stuff. Was looking for something. Our stuff is everywhere; I like our stuff. 

Movings things in one trip at a time. Well, I mean… 


I’m sorry D: I’ve been trying to keep it all tidy into separate little areas…

Babe, put your stuff wherever, you dont need to like put it in the corner away form my stuff. 

Feeling healthier every day! 

Movings things in one trip at a time. Well, I mean… 


One trip to Trent’s at a time. Slowly over last week and the next week or so before Arya leaves.

I tripped over something today and I was like ‘this isn’t mine?’ it took me a moment to realize it was yours xD

ooc: ..these anons are so out of whack. If you wanted to join the new RP you would’ve.

ooc; preach

Caught on a coffee break with Jake. Ops.

Caught on a coffee break with Jake. Ops.

Anonymous asked:
@rper- You could join the new RP and be with your friends without giving up this version of Trent. You're only hurting yourself by being bitter.


Uh, I don’t want to be in the RP? It would be silly to go join something I don’t want to be apart of?

Plus, I don’t actually talk with anyone from what was BoG except Tasha who plays Oliver.

Of course I wouldn’t have to give up this version but I’d have to make another version to be in it and really I don’t want a new character/Trent. Id rather continue this character and all the hard work I’ve put into it than creating a new character just to continue with the people I previously roleplayed with. Everyone is welcome to play their old characters and 1x1 with Trent if they ever wanted to roleplay the old stuff but yeah. This Trent is my baby.

I’m actually not hurting myself at all. I feel no pain by not being in the new rp. I’m not disadvantaged or anything by it. I think I’d be more unhappy joining it than not. I just get pissed when I think of how BoG ended which honestly I hadn’t thought of for ages until the other day with the anon.

If you really wanna chat about this instead of being on anon you should send me a message off anon otherwise I will be deleting any anons sent from now on about the new rp because I’m not part of it and I don’t wanna be. :) 

They do. One of them has to make a move to ask the other eventually .XD

Or ya know, I could totally tease them at lunch in front of everyone until they both budge and go on another date.


OMFG. That’s it, I’m getting off tumblr. wfnsklwja I’ll see you in a few hours. I love you.

Did I hear getting off?


XDD I told Lance y’all were coming in for lunch and he made the cutest puppy face and went ‘Jake too?’ and I laughed XD


Those two need to go on another date.